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Cool Tips

...quite sometime I 've blogged.  Now is the time to quickly show you a very nice utility that I came across.

Imagine you want to share a folder or file real quick on you Linux box for a windows friend.  For a n00b, this can be quite intimidating....

Now, you can feel free to share anything with a small web server.  Run the command on your terminal,
note you must have python installed.

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

All you need to do is to run it in the folder you want to start browsing.
Now you can go to your browser and type


Hope you find it helpful...!


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Ubuntu Wireless disabled: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted

Not again! I was working on my box (Ubuntu 10.10, HP Compaq) and I forced a reboot. On turning back my laptop, I noticed my laptop wireless was not connected to my home network. I clicked on my network-manager and there it goes "wireless network disabled".

I remembered I had this problem some time ago on Ubuntu 9.04 and after wandering on several forums I got it working.  From experience, this problem normally occurs when you power off you system abnormally :)

So many forums suggested different hacks but not close to the solution so they never got it working perfectly.

To solve this problem,
Simply run the command below:

    $sudo rm /dev/rfkill

After that, simply reboot your computer

   $sudo shutdown -r now

When you reboot the device /dev/rfkill deleted will be re-created automatically
and you should be able to connect back to your network.

Ubuntu 10.10

It's really exciting updating my Ubuntu from 9.04 after a long pause to Ubuntu 10.10. not actually blogging about the upgrade but with the new installation from Ubuntu 10.10

Everything seems to work straight out of the Box -wifi, bluetooth, web cam, etc.
What that implies is I don't need to bother about fixing or recompling new kernel stuffs to add support for those devices.

Turn Ubuntu to Mac

     Mac Vs Ubuntu
Are you caught spying your friend Mac book?
Okay, here is a very nice way to turn your Ubuntu Linux into a real Mac. With all the effects you can get.

You may already be familiar with mac4Lin project  that tries to do something similar.
I tried this sometime ago and I was not much impressed with the design.

To truly experience the feel of Mac on your Linux machine, install Macbuntu.
It does the job better that any other sources I 've seen so far.

To install the awesome package

Download the source from

Extract it. You will find file. Double click and select "Run in Terminal" option. Alternatively, you could cd into the Macbuntu-10.10 directory and run the script using the following command.

That's it and now you can enjoy your Linux with the feel of Mac